About Me


I’m JooKS

Study at Northeastern University (CN)

Apache ShenYu PMC & Committer

Contributor of KubeVela, Apache Dubbo, Apache ShardingSphere, and so on

Familiar with network middleware and frameworks, and interested in cloud native

My Programming Experience:

Learned Visual Basic, simple algorithm and Digital Circuits in high school.

In the first year of college, Participated in the ACM / XCPC training team. However, I have developed a strong interest in network and Linux.

In my second year of college, I started learning Java programming, and I was exposed to open source. I participated in Summer 2021 of OSPP, provides an opentelemetry-plugin for shardingsphere to help ss-proxy connect to third-party tracing systems.

In my third year of college, I do an internship at Meituan as a Back-end R&D of AIoT. Then, I started learning cloud native after the internship, and participated in LFX Mentorship in KubeVela Community.

In the summer after my junior year, I participated in Summer 2022 of OSPP as a student to provide reactive stream support for dubbo. Also participated in GSoC 2022 as a mentor of ASF.

The story is still in progress. . .

My wechat: echo 'am9va3MtbWUK' | base64 --decode

My email: jooks@apache.org / jookunshuai@gmail.com


By the way, the source code for this blog is at https://github.com/JooKS-me/blog. Based on hugo, you only need git push to trigger the workflow, build static resources and push them to Tencent Cloud Object Storage for updates.